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Convert a PDF to Flipbook with any size and customize it with fantastic effects with our creator.


Use our online PDF flipper for free. No ads, no watermarks, no size limit: just upload your .pdf file and convert it easily into a Flipbook.

PDF with flipping effect

Turning a PDF into a Flipbook means that all the pages will be animated with the flipping effect, with the style of a magazine or a product catalog, you choose the design.


Share your free Flip book with a simple link.

Examples of Flipbook


Transform your PDFs into engaging flipbook magazines. Featuring realistic page-flipping effects, intuitive slider, and user-friendly navigation controls.

Catalog PDF Slider

Create Flipbook with the effect of a magazine, like a newspaper or a journal.

Product Catalog

Craft a captivating one-page brochure with a sleek turn effect and zoom controls.

Digital Presentation

Use our tool as a catalog creator to introduce your products or services.


PDF page turning effects

Add page turn effects to the pages of your PDF file. You can choose between different styles, including Flipbook magazine, book, catalog, presentation, or cover flow, and more.

Responsive in all devices

Your PDF, regardless of its size—be it A4, A5, portrait, landscape, or any unique dimensions—will transform seamlessly into a flip book that automatically adjusts to fit any device. Enjoy stunning display quality on smartphones, tablets (including Android and iOS platforms), and all desktop browsers.

Custom Flip book

Following the conversion, you gain the flexibility to personalize your publication by altering elements like the logo, background, text, and navigation controls, among others. Tailoring the appearance of your Flipbook to match your preferences is both swift and straightforward.

Add pictures, audio, and videos to your presentation

Enhance your Flipbook by incorporating interactive elements such as videos, audio clips, images, and GIFs. This not only creates a more engaging and immersive publication but also captivates your audience more effectively.

Create links between your Flipbooks

Craft connections within your Flipbook by linking pages to each other or interlinking multiple Flip books. Leverage web iframes to integrate a variety of web content such as maps, calendars, agendas, panoramic views, forms, payment portals, and more, directly into your publication.

Link to share

Automatically generate various thumbnails and styles for linking or directly sharing across all platforms. The link previews are designed to appear attractive across all social media networks.

Get your statistics

Find out the number of visits to your creations, identify the geographic locations of your readers, track the links and media they interact with, and ascertain which pages capture their interest the most. By analyzing these insights, you can learn about your audience's preferences and enhance your content accordingly.

Private and secure

By default, your content remains private, and it is not shared without your explicit permission. To further bolster security, you have the option to safeguard your Flipbooks with a username and password. Additionally, you can control the specific locations where your file may be embedded, ensuring even greater privacy and security.

Download your file offline

You can download the flipbook for offline access through an app, or obtain the HTML version to host it on your own website. These downloads are completely independent, requiring no external connections to Flip Liber or the internet for operation.

Free to use

The Flip Liber free PDF to Flipbook converter ensures a smooth, unobtrusive experience without the distraction of annoying watermarks or advertisements. Our viewer is completely free of watermarks, allowing your catalogs to maintain a professional appearance at no extra cost.

API access

For developers, we offer an API that enables automatic conversion of your Flipbooks. This API is designed for speed, reliability, and ease of integration into any system, providing a seamless experience for technical users.

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